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The SmartBell-SM-E12 is a one-stop solution for schools, factories, industrial facilities, warehouses to build a fully automated web-based timed alert system for signaling shift changes, breaks and any other timed signal applications in areas of high ambient noise levels. This bell kit is loud enough to be heard over equipment and won’t have the same sound as some industrial equipment or a fire alarm.

This SmartBell-SM-E12 web-based Bell Controller, The bells can be connected at 250 feet away with Cat6 cable to the SmartBell-SM-E12 controller, you will have everything needed for installation and operation. The SmartBell-SM-E12 web-based bell controller is built on a WiFi Micro-controller platform with a built-in web server and special html designed for scheduling a bell system. With the built-in web interface, you can access, control and schedule bells over a WiFi network, no additional router, internet  or designated computer required. With the special designed easy-to-use scheduler, manage & schedule multiple SmartBell-SM-E12 devices in a few clicks, making the management of your bell systems incredibly easy. With the digital inputs you can wire a push switch for ringing bells manually.

It’s ready to go out of the box, and you need only connect the unit to power and connect its own WiFi network it can be connected anywhere from Smart Phone. Scheduling and setup are accessed through any standard web browser. SmartBell-SM-E12 is also able to function as a standalone device. Connecting the Smart Phone upload the bell schedules, and it will function as scheduled.


WiFi Based
Standalone WiFi built-in wireless router
No WiFi router or internet required
Secured with password
Web Based Interface
Button less device
Setting through smartphone
Easy programming in seconds
Real Time Clock 100% time accuracy
Large memory to store up to 12 Periods*
Separate Friday & Saturday schedule*
32-bit Micro-controller
Easy wiring
Emergency belling Mode

*Customization available



One Year Replacement Warranty


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